Bathroom Sinks

I offer both the “vessel” type lavatory, which stands upon the counter top, and the more traditional “drop in” configuration. All sinks fit standard plumbing.

White with tan marbled sink and counter top trimmed with a sumptuous gold crystalline glaze. This theme was continued through the bathroom with accent tiles and shower surround.
Our first customer chose a traditional floáral pattern to anchor the guest bathroom of her home in Great Neck, New York. The tiles are from Morocco.
Contemporary sink and counter in obsidian glaze. If other parts of the house featured stone, this treatment could echo the theme while avoiding strict repetition. Fanciful glass tiles in collaboration with Rosanna Alexandrian, on permanent display at Design Matters, Verona Road, Madison, Wisconsin.
In this detail, a hand carved koi appears to dimple the surface of the water among lily pads. The design is cast in a delicate blue green celadon glaze. Matching bas relief tiles featured sandhill cranes in flight
In-glaze painted herons adorn this vessel sink inside and out.